Industry Roundtables 2017-2018

Industry Roundtable: The Added Value of a PhD on today’s job market
10 October 2017, 17:30 to 19:15, at the Swisstech Convention Center, room 1C. Registration

Our panel, drawn from many different sectors of the non-academic job market, will discuss a wide range of important topics linked to the attractivity of PhD’s, focusing on the “extras” they bring to their new employers. But, in an era of Open Science and outsourced R&D, does the Swiss market still place value on this additional level of research expertise? The experiences and insights of our panel, all PhD’s themselves, will help you gain a critical understanding of the value of an EPFL doctoral degree for your career. Presentation and discussion in English.

– M. Tomasz Jodlowski, Senior mechanical Engineer at Logitech
– M. Karim Besseghir, Consultant at The Boston Consulting Group
– M. Frédéric Diologent, Director Research & Innovation at Richemont/Varinor
– M. Julien Chardonnens, R&D Manager Probes at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, document
– Mme Natalya Izergina, Talent Specialist at Genedata AG


Has working for the State become “passé?”
November 30, 2017, from 17:30-19:15, in auditorium BC 420.

Is working for the State or for a federal agency seen as unexciting or too administrative? Or is it the best place to start your career? Some 12% of our graduates choose to start their professional lives in this sector each year, and the number has continued to grow over the past several years. But what makes public service attractive for our engineers and architects? Is it the level of innovation on the technological side or the social benefits and the job security? Can we move from the public to  the private sector easily? The testimonies of numerous alumni who work there will allow you to discover the public sector and the projects which they have realized. Discussion in French.

– Mme Rahel Chopathar, Spécialiste en marketing du personnel, Département fédéral des finances DFF, Office fédéral du personnel OFPER
– M. Antonin Danalet, Collaborateur scientifique Mobilité et Transport, Département fédéral de l’environnement, des transports, de l’énergie et de la communication DETEC, Office fédéral du développement territorial ARE
– Mme Tamara Comment, R&D Officer MET Alliance, Office fédéral de météorologie et de climatologie MétéoSuisse
– M. Olivier Goldschmidt, Développeur du réseau, CFF SA Infrastructure-Développement du réseau


Is being an employee equal to being a “slave for life ?”
March 8, 2018, from 17:30-19:15, in auditorium ELA1. Registration

There has been a significant evolution over the past 10 years in the level of motivation and in the ways available for becoming independent (e.g. networking, digitalization, co-working, venture capital and government support for startups, etc.). It is sometimes a choice which we consider later in our career, perhaps when we become unemployed. Numerous questions arise if you intend to become independent. Is work experience needed before creating an independent activity or can we launch ourselves on a solo venture as a recent graduate? What are the advantages and the constraints? Alumni who took the risks of such an adventure will share their experiences with you. Presentation and discussion in English.

– M. Hadi Barkat, CEO & Founder of HELVETIQ
– M. Alain Pirlot, Strategic Partnerships Officer at IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature)
– M. Patrick Hertzog, Co-Founder & User Experience Officer at Nexthink
– M. Gregorio Bonadio, CEO of Sàrl


Does the Swiss watchmaking industry still need engineers ?
May 17, 2018, from 17:30-19:15, in auditorium ELA1 

Watchmaking is a traditional Swiss industry with an unequalled international reputation. But is it still an attractive domain for engineers? How can we enter the sector, and what type of positions can we obtain there? Today the jobs in watchmaking are in full evolution with the arrival of connected watches, the development of new computing tools, and an ever-increasing range of new materials … Meet Alumni who will share their different roles in this fascinating world which is cloaked in glamor and  inspires so much curiosity. Presentation and discussion in French

– Mr. Frédéric Dreyer, Managing Director at OPI Office de Promotion des Industries et technologies
– Mr. Ilan Vardi, Senior scientist at EPFL, Instant-Lab, Chaire Patek Philippe. Document
– Mr. Emmanuel Henry, Plant Manager at Rolex
– Mr. Frédéric Kohler, Head of Development Laboratory at ETA