Industry Roundtables 2018-2019

Industry Roundtable: What does sustainability concretely mean in the daily work of architects and engineers?
9 October 2018, 17:30 to 19:15, at the Swisstech Convention Center, room 4C.

Increased focus on sustainable development by the society at large has imposed a number of constraints on business, in terms of environmental, social and economic impacts. These constraints may represent new opportunities for innovative enterprises. How do engineers and architects contribute to the creation of new products and services which are more environmentally-friendly and based on fair trade principles while still remaining economically viable? By sharing both their achievements and their frustrations, Alumni working in a wide range of sectors will divulge how they integrate these concerns on a day-to-day basis.  Presentations and panel discussion in English.

– Mrs Olivia Grebler, Sustainable Restaurant Certification Programs Expert at Ecocook®
– Mrs Amélie Orthlieb, Environmental Sustainability Specialist, at Nespresso
– Mrs Julia Beyer, Co-founder & President at thefairtraveller
– Mr. Xun Liao, Sustainability Consultant, at Quantis

Industry Round Table: Graduate Training Programs
6 December 2018, 17 :30-19:15, Auditorium CO3

In order to realize your career plans, you have the possibility of applying for a “Graduate Training Program” offered by an increasing number of companies, in particular by large corporations. These programs allow you to gain an insider view of how the enterprises function, and the way they do business in their respective fields. Thanks to the modular structure of most of these programs, you will rotate through different areas of activity during and after the program in order to evolve professionally based on your personal objectives.
A large number of Alumni have started their careers in this fashion, and will be happy to share their experiences with you: discover the wide range of rich and varied graduate training programs available today. Presentations and discussion will be in French.

– Mrs Aurélie Flandi, Production Manager at ROLEX
– Mr. Alessandro Fichera, Engineering Project Manager at Meggitt
– Mrs Julia Braun, Swiss Explorer Trainee at ABB
– Mr. Jonas Schneider, Production Assistant at Nestlé

Industry Roundtable: «Working in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry» CANCELLED
19 Mars 2019, 17h30 à 19h15, auditoire MXF 1

FMCG is the industry that suppplies us with mass-produced goods. Leaders in that field rely on efficient, large-scale manufacturing and supply-chain systems and put a high focus on quality and consumer security. Engineers are adept at performing skillfuly in those areas.
Although FMCGs may not always be the most technically advanced products on the market, product design roles are not to be neglected either. Many career opportunities exist for engineers willing to engage in that field. Presentations and panel discussion in English.

– Mr. Basilio Noris, Co-founder & COO of Pomelo Sàrl
– Mrs Eirini Kefala, Global Procurement Sr. Buyer at PepsiCo
– Mrs Florence Boulenger, Deloitte Digital Consultant
– Mr. Alfonso Munoz, European Supply Demand Lead IBP at O-I

Special Roundtable : How advanced technology influences recruitment
16 May 2019, 17:30 à 19:15, Room MXF 1

Your next interviewer could very soon be a robot. The first reader of your CV is already likely a software program. How you dress for the former, and how many pages has the latter won’t matter as much as it used to, but up to 15000 other things will. This is no longer science-fiction, so you should prepare for it. Get an insider’s view on how AI is changing recruitment of young talents (meaning you) directly from our exceptional panel of experts on 16 May.  Knowing the rules of the game will help you play it better than your competition. (Presentations and panel discussion in English).

The Roundtable will be followed by an aperitif for informal networking with our panelists, courtesy of Forum EPFL.


– Mr. Dominique Muhlematter, Senior Talent Acquisiton – TA Swiss Army Knife – Contract at Philip Morris International
– Mr. Michel Guye-Bergeret, Head of Global Talent Attraction and Employer Branding at International at Committee of the Red Cross- ICRC et Mrs Audrey Forest Fonteneau, Head of Recruitment Operations at International Committee of the Red Cross – ICRC
– Mrs Sylvie Didelle, Senior Business Manager at Akkademy
– Mrs Eva Maggioni, Head of Sales and Strategy at Arca24
– Mrs Maria Reljic, Recruitment Systems Project Manager Switzerland at Credit Suisse

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