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We offer workshops and seminars to help you land your first job. At the moment, the following workshops are available in English. We will add more based on demand.

Crafting an effective application

This workshop describes how to write a resumé and a motivation letter (aka cover letter) for maximal impact. The main objective is to develop the participants’ critical thinking towards their own resumé so as to be able to constantly enhance it throughout their career. It is primarily aimed at second-year MSc students, and recent MSc graduates, space remaining. PhD and Post-doc researchers are invited to participate in one of our ten two-day workshops “Tackling the job market sucessfully“.

The workshop is free-of-charge. Registration is mandatory.

Le dossier de candidature en industrie Mardi 5 mars 2019
de 13h30 à 18h00
Salle CO216
Crafting an effective industry application Tuesday 19 March 2019
from 1:30p  to 6:00p
Room CO216
Registration not yen open

Acing your job interview

This seminar will help you getting used to the basic techniques of a job interview. It is widely illustrated with movie clips and recruiters’ testimonials.

The seminar is free-of-charge. Priority will be given to soon-to graduate students and recent graduates. Whenever possible, we will also accept students in lower years based on seats available.

Acing your job interview No registration necessary

Demystifying the Assessment center

In ccoperation with the Talent Management team at CERN.

Many companies are using Increasingly sophisticated evaluation tools in the recruitment process (psychometric tests, structured interviews, situational and case-study exercises, etc.) which may be organized together into an “assessment center,” generally half or even a full-day of activities for candidates.

The workshop will allow you to better understand the prevailing methods and techniques used for assessment centers, and to experience through the interactive parts of the course how to deal with competency-based questioning, and what to expect in the typical group exercises which recruiters tend to choose.

This workshop is free-of-cost and priority is given to students near the end of their studies as well as recent graduates (up to 6 months after graduation). Assuming there is still space available, students from earlier years will also be admitted.

Demystifying the Assessment center Tuesday, 8 May 2018
from 13:30  to 17:30
Room BC 410

Individual Meetings

Soon-to-graduate EPFL students and recent grads (up to 6 months after graduation) can ask for an individual appointment with a Career Center advisor for matters related to their entry in the workplace and for assistance with their job search. In case of high demand, priority is given to recent graduates.

To request an appointment, please fill in this form.