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Expand your professional network with LinkedIn

As an EPFL graduate, you can join the EPFL Alumni group on LinkedIn, the online network that lets you reconnect with past classmates and colleagues and expand your professional network. After joining the group, you will have the possibility to display the EPFL logo on your LinkedIn profile. Registration is free. Please note that only holders of one of the following EPFL titles may apply for membership: Ingénieur diplômé EPFL, Architecte diplômé EPFL, Mathématicien diplômé EPFL, Physicien diplômé EPFL, Chimiste diplômé EPFL, Master of Science (as per Federal Ordinance RS 414.132.3), Master of Arts (as per Federal Ordinance RS 414.132.3), Doctor, PhD. The Group is owned and managed by the Career Center, and the graduation of applicants (as per the list hereabove) is checked before approval. It is not necessary to attach a message to Group managers with your application.

UPDATE 1 (25/06/2012): Holders of a Bachelor from EPFL may aslo apply if they hold a Master degree from another University

UPDATE 2 (01/01/2014): EPFL Master students in their last term (Master thesis) and EPFL PhD candidates in their fourth year (or more) may now apply. Admission to the group is temporary until graduation. Failure to graduate will result in removal from the group

click here to join the group

Simply click on the LinkedIn logo to join the EPFL Alumni group. If you are not yet a LinkedIn member, you will be offered the possibility to join free-of-charge.